Why non-alcoholic beer?

When we first tell friends or family we’ve started drinking non-alcholic beer we are usually met with confusion and the question of why drink it at all? I like to compare it to decaf coffee drinkers. They like the taste and ritual of coffee but want to avoid caffeine. We like the taste and ritual of beer but don’t always want the alcohol.

Everyone has their own personal reason they are interested in switching to non-alcoholic beer here are some of the main ones we’ve heard from friends and family.

Watching Their Health

Some drinkers out there might be cutting down on booze for their health. Non-alcoholic beer has fewer calories and, of course, no alcohol, so it’s way gentler on your body, especially your liver.

Staying Sober/Beating Addiction

For anyone who’s struggled with drinking too much, non-alcoholic beer can be a great alternative. It helps handle those beer cravings without falling back into old habits. While we’ve heard mixed reviews on whether non-alcoholic beer is helpful or not it depends on your relationship with alcohol and the boundaries you’ve set.

Social Scene

Not everyone wants to be the only one with a cup of water at parties where everyone’s drinking. Whether you admit it or not drinking is a social norm that appears and most any party. Non-alcoholic beer lets you blend in and have fun, even if you’re pregnant, on meds, or just don’t do alcohol. We like to use non-alcholic beer as an add-in to our long party days where we alternate a beer with a non-alcoholic beer so we’re taking in less alcohol throughout the day and our sleep isn’t affected later that evening.

Just for the Taste

Believe it or not, some people (Us included!) just like the taste of beer but don’t want to deal with the alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer lets us enjoy the flavor without it messing with our sleep, or headaches the next day.


If you’re focusing on your diet, beer calories can quickly add up. And after a few beers, our choices of foods aren’t typically the best. Most non-alcoholic beers are less than 100 calories and much more diet-friendly than regular beer.

Better Sleep

Alcohol is known to mess with your sleep and if you’re like us and track your sleep you will see a clear distinction in your quality and deep sleep markers when you drink alcohol vs non-alcoholic beer. The older we get the more we feel the effects of alcohol in our sleep and the next morning.

We’ve found non-alcoholic beer as a great option for all of the reasons above. Whether you’re watching your health, need to stay clear-headed, or just like the taste we invite you to try some of our favorites and share your own reviews.